Where there is unity there is always victory

– Publilius Syrus (fl. 85–43 BC) Roman writer and poet

Organisations that strive for sustainable growth must be able to adapt to a constantly changing environment and to unite and inspire employees for a shared mission. CRC Consulting activities are based on three principles that create a unique value for our clients.

01. Insights

We are convinced that valuable insights shall help the clients to understand what value they create for their customers and generate the energy for change. Our insights are based on a holistic approach towards an organisation and a thorough analysis of the client’s situation. To understand the context, it is important to grasp the interactions of the different parts of the organisation at various levels. A deep insight – a robust understanding of what is happening and why, as well as a wider context of what the client should aim for.

02. Unity

We believe that a high level of unity and focus lead organisations to long term success, even when they are facing challenges. We empower leaders to unite their employees for a shared mission and meaningful activities, support them in getting commitment to organization’s strategy as well as execution.

03. Results

Our clients value us for the capability together with their teams to generate tangible value for the company clients, shareholders and other interested parties. For the capability to transfer our competencies to the company employees and to empower them to implement the systemic changes on their own. Our consulting focuses on solutions that generate tangible and applicable results and that help the clients to reach their goals.


Management by Missions

Management by Missions is a management system based on the interaction of three pillars – Strategy, Leadership and Systems. This model ensures that the company mission penetrates all levels of the company down to personal mission of each employee. Compared to other management systems, this new approach to management is more comprehensive and more efficient in helping employees to identify themselves with the company they work for. This is the key to excellence on all levels of an organisation.

Organisations have chosen the system of Management by Missions aiming to:

  • ensure successful and sustainable company growth
  • engage and inspire employees
  • develop the maturity of managers
  • build a high level of cooperation between departments
  • improve the performance indicators of organizations

The principles of Management by Missions system we use as the core when developing the strategies of organizations, as well as in other consultancy practices.


Our highly competent and experienced consultants offer management consulting services in three main areas. We partner with our clients to understand their unique situations and needs – and offer them tailor-made solutions.


Strategy Development

Post-merger Integration

Strategic Project and Programme

Business Model Innovations


Organisational Design

Employer Branding

Project Management Standard

Evaluation of Project Management Maturity

Sharing of Roles and Responsibilities
in the Organisation


Marketing Strategy

Brand Development

Consumer Insights and Analysis

Product Portfolio Management

Sales Strategy

Development of Sales

Organisational Unity Survey


Most managers want to work with motivated and committed people. Those employees are not only considerately productive – they help to create sustainable businesses and organisations able to cope with constantly changing challenges. When employees understand why the company or organization exists, when their expectations and values are consistent with the organisational mission and values – we can expect them to be the most motivated.

Unity Index is an effective strategic indicator that measures the level of unity and engagement of all interested parties in organisation.

Organisational Unity Survey DpmIndex provides you with an opportunity to:

  • evaluate the extent to which employees consider the organisational mission as their own;
  • understand how employees perceive the organisational vision and success in the future;
  • measure the consistency between personal and organisational values;
  • assess the motivation instruments used in the organisation and importance of those instruments;
  • assess the leadership and the level of commitment of the leaders to the organisation;
  • understand the organisational capability to implement its mission to clients, shareholders, partners and employees;
  • identify the management areas and the HR management practices of the business/organisation that need to be revised and developed to strengthen unity.

Our partner DPM Consulting, is the author of the methodology of Organisational Unity analysis. We have been carrying out the Unity Surveys in Lithuania since 2013. Over 6,000 respondents from more than 40 organisations representing various sectors have participated in this Survey so far.